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We sew the best sweatshirts! T-shirts! trousers! school uniforms!


Sewing clothes is our passion. As a GT brand, we’ve been manufacturing the highest quality clothing for children, teenagers and adults since 1996. Our offer is created from the finest knitwear and fabrics in Poland. We have our own embroidery shops with the possibility of laser cutting of materials, cutting room, sewing room, design and graphic office. We provide services for many global brands. In addition to sewing clothes, we also sew school uniforms, company and occasional clothing, e.g. sportswear.

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Why are our clothes better?

enzyme and silicone

Enzyming is a process in which we get rid of the so-called short fibers responsible for peeling. Silicone additionally gives the fabric nobility.


Almost all knitted fabrics undergo a shrinkage process at the production stage, thanks to which clothes after washing will remain the same length and size as before.

production processes

All dyeing processes of fabrics and knitwear take place in the most modern dyeing houses in Poland. These companies have STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® security certificates. The dyes used in the processes of giving color are 100% dyes from European suppliers.


We always make sure that our clothes have the best price-quality ratio. By choosing good quality clothes, you take care of our environment. Prolonged use of good-quality clothes means that you need less clothes than people who buy cheaper, inferior quality products. Cheap clothes are often made of materials with a high polyester content. Polyester is nothing but plastics, and how long plastic and its derivatives must decompose – in these times you do not need to explain it to anyone.


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