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Unique, individually designed t-shirts with your print is a proposal not only for private individuals, but also a recommended marketing tool. We know that a good quality product and professional service is not everything in business. For a company to succeed in the market, it must attract the customer’s attention, attract him, show himself from the best side. T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags or t-shirts made to order with your own imprint are a remarkable idea that is becoming more and more popular. They can be used as employee clothing or a nice gift for the customer – how you use it depends only on you.

What types of prints do we offer?

Screen printing

Screen prints are created using special screens that use water-based paints or plastisols. The price of the print depends on the number of colors used in the design, the size of the print and the edition. Designing t-shirts by this method must be consistent and the whole graphic design identical for the entire project, but you can change the color of the shirt and it will not affect the price. This is the most durable printing method. Maximum printable area: 35x50cm. In addition this method is waterproof, has attractive price, is resistant to weather conditions and cost-effective printing method which has high mechanical durability. However, it requires the need to prepare a matrix/sieve and is unprofitable for low quantity (less than 80 pieces).

flex foil

The most durable, next to embroidery, method of creating prints, which consists of plotter or laser cutting of the pattern from the adhesive coated foil, and then welding it into the material using a thermo-press. Flex does not require matrix preparation. This technique allows you to make reflective, metallic and very smooth prints, as well as obtain a stiffness effect. Most often it is used to decorate prints or personalize clothing. It is profitable even at low costs, there are no additional costs of preparing the print and allows you to print photos.

digital printing

Direct application of the pattern in the form of raster graphics (e.g. bmp, jpg) on textiles, mainly cotton, using a digital printer. Despite the relatively high cost, this technique allows you to get a “breathable” full color print with tonal transitions, which is characterized by high durability. Because the printer cannot print white as a so-called undercoat full-color printing is carried out only on clothing in white, on other colors it is possible to print in black. The method is recommended for very small amounts.


Print with the effect of suede, obtained by applying a textile shear (viscose) with different hair lengths. The cut pattern is welded into the material at high temperature and under pressure. Flock can be used on all types of materials. It allows for a raised print with a characteristic nap, velvety texture and velor structure, whose quality and aesthetics are unrivaled in comparison with other types of labeling on advertising clothing. Its disadvantages include: high cost of printing, as well as the ability to apply only simple graphics.

A wide offer for the most demanding

In our company you can realize the highest quality clothing and accessories, including sweatshirts, bags, pants, t-shirts, shirts with any print and many more. We use both entrusted and our own highest quality materials – with a high cotton content, in any color. We also offer printing on ready-made pieces, however in this case prior consultation of the project is necessary. Our products are characterized by very high durability, thanks to which they do not damage in washing and maintain a good appearance for a long time. If we are not able to print on the material, we use iron-on transfers, i.e. flex or flock foil technology. Tell us what you want to label, and we’ll definitely find an effective way to do it.

Your own design is necessary to make a printed T-shirt. But what if you lack inspiration? You can use the help of our experienced graphic designers who will help you realize your project.

Project consultations

Prints on t-shirts can be made by many methods, variants, but not all lead to the same results. Depending on the project and the intended effect, we will be happy to advise you on the appropriate variant, technique or special effect. In our work we use the latest achievements of screen printing technology as well as our knowledge and experience. We print from single colors through raster print, halftone or CMYK, which allows you to reproduce very complicated patterns.

We print T-shirts using the best paints from renowned world producers. Correct execution of prints and their fixation guarantee preservation of color saturation and durability during use. The larger the order in the case of screen printing, the lower the price per 1 piece of product because the costs of preparing dies are divided into a larger number of e.g. t-shirts.

To discuss your project, please visit our company in Siedlce for a delicious coffee, or contact us via the form.

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